Build Manage Protect


We help our clients develop a plan to build assets.  Whether its retirement, education funding, real estate acquistion, or other goals, we help clients design the plan and stay on track.


We know the value in navigating the complicated arena of investment choices and tactics, changing tax laws, and volatile economic picture. 

We help you build a smart, tax-efficient portfolio that will maximize return for a given amount of risk.  


Whether it's protecting assets or protecting families from loss, it's important that we help clients protect their most valuable assets.  Portfolios need to be designed to deal with losses from taxes and market volatility.  Estates need to be protected from estate taxes.  We help clients evaluate their risk management goals and position the right programs to protect their family or business. 

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Managing Partner: Charlie Stanton

Partners: Bill Hunt, S. Paul Webb, Adam Bishop, Dan Nash

Cascade Wealth Strategies Staff: Dawn Travers, Melanie Molina, Yuliya Goldenshteyn, Michael Williams